Get Well

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Hi mom,
Welcome home....I have really missed you, and I want you to know that you are the greatest mom. We all love you, and hope you get well soon.                                                                    Love, Derrick

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Woof Mom
I Wuv you too. Wait, while I go and get my bowl.
Love Lady

Hi sis,
It is so good to have you home. We all have been so worried about you, and I really hope you start to feel better real soon.
                                                             Love, Brian

Hi girlfriend
I am so sorry to hear what happen to you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. If you need anything just call me and I will be there. Get well soon girlfriend. The kids send their love, and said that they hope you feel better soon.
Love, Lorrie

Hi Sweetie,
I am sorry for what happened to you. I just want to let you know that nothing has changed my feelings for you. You are still the greatest there is. I love the way you are and I love your kids too. This is just a slight delay in our plans of being together, but, things will continue in the near future. Right now take care of yourself.
Love Ron

I brought you an apple for you to eat and make you feel better. Get well Soon.

Ron told us about your accident. We both hope you are feeling better and have a speedy recovery.
Mom and Dad Briggs
(Bob and Dorothy)

Hi sis
Here's hoping, you get better soon. sorry to hear your having such a hard time, trying to walk. I have been praying for you, and I know God will answer my prayers, and you will walk again real soon.
Love, Randy

Hi Sis
So sorry, you had that accident, we are so close it hurts me to see you this way, but I know in time, you will be walking again, hurry up and get well. I love you very much..........
Love ya......

Hi Ms Findley
We all are sorry to hear what happen to you. We miss you and want you to get well real soon...For our favorite teacher can come back to teach us. We all are being on are best behavior.
Get well soon,
Your 4th graders

You have been such a sweet friend to me :) All my prayers, my heart and blessing are with you for a full recovery. May the angels be with you during this time to guide the hands of all who are caring for you now. I will miss you and ask God to have you home well and soon.                                                             Frec's

My Darling Daughter...
My prayers are with you, get well soon. There's alot of people, who miss you and love you,hope your back on your feet, real soon.
Love, Dad.......

Hi Lisa
I am so sorry to hear about your accident. When I heard what happen to you I could not believe it. You are my best student and I will miss having you in my class. We all will keep you in our prayers, and may god bless you and your family. I hope you start feeling better real soon.
Mr Jackson

I am really sorry to hear about your accident. If there is one thing to say it would be that- a good person makes it through the really hard times and goes on with a even better time ahead in their life. I pray for a strong recovery.
(Ron's Bro)

Hi sis
I am so so sorry to hear what happen to you, and it hurt me so bad to see you like that in the hospital. I wish I could of done something more to make you feel better while you was there. Hurry up and get well soon. I will keep praying for you. For you may have a full recovey.
Love, Mike

We all love you and miss you very much....... Get well soon, we have a lot of shopping to do. If dusty could talk, you know he would say......... please...get well soon, you how know much he loves you, wishing you a speedy recovery......
I love you very much...........

Love, ~Mom~