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Its been one year since that rainy night in Seattle when I answered your request in the NewsGroup to help you put a guestbook on your page to Kem. I was waiting for a letter from the girl in Hong Kong, and thought I might as well help, if I could. I never imagined what would happen over the next year.

Well, you didn't hear from Kem, I never heard from my girl. We started talking and getting to know each other a little better. I found out about your family, the kids, and Lady. I told you about Seattle and a little of my past and my family. We got to know each other. Over the year, I got to meet some of your family and friends, and you got to know mine. That was the start of what would be a fantastic year for me. There were good and hard times.

There was the fire next door to you. You proved to be a hero. I liked that. Then there was your appendicitis. I was sad. There was the purse snatchers and how you took took the bullet out of Lady. I was impressed. Derrick had his problems, you had the accident, there were many court batttles and surgeries, and for me, it was sad and I was always wondering if you would be OK. You had given up any hopes of becomming a doctor. I never gave up. Somehow, I knew you were stong enough to make it through anything. And you were. We planned on meeting each other after Christmas, then in March and again in June and August. It was disappointing that that never happened.

There were so many good times filled with laughter. The chicken pooped on you and then the bird at the zoo did the same. Boo running from the dog on Holloween, Derrick walking in his sleep, dancing and playing with Barbies. (He would never do that when he is awake). LOL He taught us how to spell ALLOT. Together, we learned to make beautiful webpages. I learned allot from that. You have done a fantastic job, raising Derrick and Boo. I hope I can call them my kids, someday. Your dreams of becomming Dr. Lisa have been restored.

But no matter if the times were good or bad, the most important thing is how you make me feel. I have Love in my heart and it feels good. I like the feeling of someone loving me. You have been honest and understanding. Neither one of us has judged the other for thier faults, looks or how much money we do or don't have, or thier past mistakes. We have grown up enough to know what is important in other people....the inside.

Someday, in the near future, I hope we can meet in person so we can show each other, and the world, the love we have, as we walk on the beach, hand in hand. I love you so Very much, Lisa. Let's make it another year...even better than the first. What do you say?......