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WHY ZIT Your tire gauge lets out half of the air when you are trying to get a reading?

WHY ZIT You have to inform five different sales people in the same store, that you are just browsing?

If you shouldn't drink and drive, WHY ZIT that you have to show your drivers license to buy liquor, and, WHY ZIT that bars have parking lots?

WHY ZIT Rush Hour lasts for more than an hour?

WHY ZIT They call it a hot water heater? Shouldn't it be a cold water heater?

WHY ZIT Most irons have a settling for permanent press garments?

WHY ZIT The alphabet is in the order that it is?

WHY ZIT No matter what color the bath soap is, the suds are always white?

WHY ZIT When you are driving around looking for an address, you turn down the radio?

WHY ZITThey call it a garage door opener, when it both opens and closes the garage door?

WHY ZIT Called "Midair"? Is there a top air and a bottom air?

WHY ZIT The United States will spend money on bombing another country, and then will spend more money rebuilding it?

WHY ZIT If man evolved from apes, there are still monkeys and apes?

WHY ZIT A woman can eat a two pound box of candy and gain five pounds?

WHY ZIT The Pillsbury doughboy is so happy, considering he has no penis?

WHY ZIT People will search the entire room for the TV remote, but they will not get off their butt to change the channel?

WHY ZIT The weatherman says the skies will be partly cloudy? There is only one sky.

WHY ZIT A person is robbed at gun point. Guns don't have points...knives do.

WHY ZIT When you park under the telephone wires, birds crap on your car but you never see any on the street?

WHY ZITYou pack your garments in a suitcase, but, you pack your suits in a garment bag?

WHY ZIT Bottled water has an expiration date?

WHYZIT You have to wash bath towels? Aren't you clean when you use them?

WHYZIT They make scented toilet paper?

WHY ZIT Slow-down and Slow-up mean the same thing?

WHY ZIT The word Verb is a noun?

WHY ZIT Tarzen doesn't have a beard?

WHY ZIT They call it lipstick if you can still move your lips?

WHY ZIT The third hand on a watch is called a second hand?

WHY ZIT If blind people wear dark glasses, deaf people don't wear ear muffs?

WHY ZIT If Barbie is so popular, you still have to buy her friends?

WHY ZIT There are self-help, "Groups"?

WHY ZIT Signs that say "SLOW CHILDREN" have a picture of a kid running?

WHY ZIT You sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", when you are already there?

WHY ZIT The time of day with the slowest traffic is called "Rush Hour?

If it is a "Non-Stop Flight" WHY ZIT you can still get off the plane?

WHY ZITWhen you are at a stop light and the car ahead of you moves 4 inches, you have to move ahead 4 inches too? Neither one of you will get where your going any faster.


If you have the answers to these questions or have any of your own, let me know.