Transloading sounds (mid, wav, au, etc.)
  1. Once you have isolated a sound that you want to transload, select that sound.

  2. While it is playing, hit your "go to" key, and select "Show Last". This will give you the URL of the sound.

  3. Next, while you have the URL of the sound in the field of the "go to" popup, hit (cmd+a) to highlight the URL.

  4. Hit (cmd+c) to copy the URL. Now you are ready to transload the sound.

    (note: you should previously have a transloader installed on one of your "F" keys. If you don't, click here and install it on an "F" key.)

  5. Now hit your "F" key where you have stored your transloader.

  6. Scroll down to "COPY TO BE FILED" and you will see the URL of the page which contains the sound you want.

  7. Delete this, and hit your (cmd+v) and "paste" the sound's URL in that field.

  8. The transloading process is the same as for transloading images.

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